Study finds churchgoers spend less money

New research has suggested that churchgoers are more frugal than other shoppers.

American psychologists from universities in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania found that Christians count their pennies when it comes to grocery shopping and also make fewer impulse purchases.

The researchers said the findings support the notion "that many religions emphasise the value of being prudent with money."

John Morris from Christian financial advisors firm the Harvest Partnership told Premier's News Hour being frugal can be helpful.

"Financial prudence is something we can all learn from and all benefit from, because in the end the household budget is what it is," he said.

"We have to be very wise in our spending and determine what we should spend our money on.

The resources that the Lord has given us are for us to have control over and use according to his will and also to meet the needs of our family."

However, he said it's possible to go overboard with being too penny-wise.

Morris added: "Some people who are wealthy are tight. They don't give very much away and they're very, very careful with their expenditure and I don't think that's automatically good. "

The study surveyed 2,400 shoppers in ten states.